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About Dr.Liang

  “Nobody wants to be sick, just as no one wants to be poor.”  This is Dr. Liang's belief.  Recently, because of increasing cases of nasal and breathing problems, more and more people are looking for relief, and almost all who have been treated by Dr. Liang have been cured by his special treatments.

    Dr. Liang has been a doctor for over twenty years. He has been providing health care at Arcadia Holistic Health Care Medical Group for many years. He is a specialist in nasal and sinus ailments. He has developed the ‘Herbal Nasal External Treatment’ and has used it to relieve suffering of many patients.

Dr. Liang was originally educated in pharmaceuticals and received his oriental medicine license in Taiwan. His study and research in oriental medicine was inspired by an oriental medicine doctor who was a family friend. Dr. Liang practiced Eastern and Western medicine after that for many years.  In 1982, Dr. Liang received his oriental medicine license in the United States.  In 1986, Dr. Liang moved to Los Angeles with his family.  He achieved great success in the business of manufacturing Chinese medicine while he spent his spare time studying and researching in both Eastern and Western medicine to help patients directly. To do this, he set up his own medical practice in Arcadia using oriental medicine and concentrating on nasal and breathing problems.

     Dr. Liang realized that many of his patients worked very long hours with little rest. Many had jobs which were stressful both physically and psychologically. Especially in their younger years, many of these patients tried to ignore the stress. As a result, common problems that occurred were nasal congestion and runny and stuffy noses. After years of writing and discussion, these doctors still had no cure for the problems. Many doctors at the time in both Eastern and Western medicine ascribed these problems to allergic reactions. Dr. Liang spent long hours in observation and experimentation, and discovered that there were factors other than pollen and dust. Southern California is hot and dry and can have extreme temperature variations between night and day. These factors can exacerbate the nasal problems. Dr. Liang found that the severity of these problems often depended on the person's internal well-being. “That is to say that in order to cure the problem, one must first restore the well being of the entire body.”  As he looked deeper into his ideal, he soon focused on the treatment of disorders. He spent a great deal of effort and money to develop a revolutionary new Herbal Nasal External Treatment. Since then, he has made improvements to his treatment methods. In the beginning, this treatment

    Was only available to those who were able to come to his office, but the 4th generation of his treatment can be administered by the patients themselves at home.

    This treatment focuses on the fact that the medicine is absorbed through the various membranes of the body rather than by traditional ingestion of the medicine. By administering the medicine through absorption.

    Dr. Liang found that the treatment is more effective because the medicine gets to the blood stream quicker

    And thus the target cells quicker with little or no loss in treatment strength. In this way, a minimal amount of medicine will bring maximum results.  Many of the nasal problems including but not limited to allergies can be successfully treated.

    In addition Dr. Liang’s current research has yielded yet another revolutionary treatment to help his patients.  Dr. Liang has found a way to tap into the body’s own healing response.  He has found that all disease presents itself physically as well as energetically. All medicines up to this point have tried to deal with these issues from a physical perspective, in his new treatment; Dr. Liang’s new treatment seeks to treat his using the energetic perspective.   The new treatment will seek to illuminate current issues as well as chronic issues hiding within the patient, and depending on the issue will seek to desensitize or harmonize the patient to those issues. So successful has the response been to this treatment that Dr. Liang has been achieving successful treatments for severe allergies, severe nasal problems as well as some autoimmune problems. This treatment involves no needles, no taking of medicine and most importantly no pain, which makes it very useful in the treatment of those who are very young or those patients with low pain thresholds, and patients who have difficulty with compliance.

    Dr. Liang is also an upstanding member of his community.  He is a member of the Hakka Association of Southern California and often provides free medical services to other members of his association.  He is part of the network of doctors who use acupuncture as a method for detoxification.  In 1996, he went to Nepal to volunteer his medical services.  During his 5-day visit, he saw more than 500 patients and provided them free treatment.  And he earned the gratitude and thanks of the officials of the city and the Buddhist University.  Every year he returns to his home country to do the same.  He has also gone to South Africa and volunteered his services.  Presently, he volunteers as a doctor at Tzu-Tzi Community Hospital on a weekly basis.   

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